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"Dr. Steve is one of a kind and amazing. He has been treating our family for 15 years, and I have too many stories to write. If you know me as a person, then you have heard about Dr. Steve. My son recently moved to Seattle WA and cannot find a Chiropractic office that offers all the variety of healing modalities that are found at Fruitport Chiropractic Center. You get people that care about YOU! Dr. Steve is the leading edge of Chiropractic care, Allergy care, Injury recovery, Detox, and they can help you cope with stress. I just have to say one instance that changed my life was when Dr. Steve helped me with sun poisoning. After 4 years of suffering from it, and not being able to be in the sun at all. After his treatment within 2 weeks I was able to have a suntan. I literally cried with joy being able to feel the sun and enjoy it again."

- Susan W.

"I just recently really did my back and shoulder in... pulled muscles, irritated nerves to the point of a numb right arm and excruciating pain in my shoulder. In years gone by that would have signaled me to head to the MD for something to put me on just cover the pain. The longer I have allowed Dr. Steve to teach me how everything works and fits together, the less I want to simply reach for a bottle of pills and simply deal with things on a superficial level. It took a while to correct the injury and really heal it. The cold lasers were marvelous on muscles that were so irritated and the different methods of manipulation that accomplished realignment but didn’t pound the tar out of me were just right. Hopefully I'll never have to go through this kind of an injury again but if I do I know right where I'm heading.......yup! Fruitport Chiropractic

There are many people in the medical profession that know how to apply the "methods" they have learned. But you can't teach someone to have the heart of a healer. It is a gift of God. Dr. Steve is one of the few that I know with that gift. I am privileged to be under his care."

- Pat D.

"It's been five years since I complained to Dr. Steve about how I felt after loading hay in my barn. My head was stuffed and my throat was raw due to coughing. After the A/SERT treatment (Allergy Sensitivity Elimination and Reprogramming Technique), all my symptoms are gone and have not returned!"

- Dave S.


"I had been in several minor car accidents that resulted in lower and upper back pain. I was aslo getting sinus infections quite frequently which affected my ability to sleep at night. I wasn't able to exercise as much as I wold have liked to. I went to my family doctor, but the drugs that were prescribed only treated my symptoms.

I began a regimen of regular Chiropractic treatments, and now find that I don't get the siinus infections as often, and my back definitely feels better!"

- Erica T.


"I came into Dr. Steve's office with sever lower back pain. I had difficulty doing routine things such as getting dressed, bending over, doing household chores, etc. My mood wasn't very good, and some depression began to set in. I even experienced a touch of nausea at times. The severe back pain made it very difficult to sit down, lie down, stand, sleep or walk! I tried heat and ice; neither of them helped for more than short periods of time.

I thought it might be a muscle strain, so I went to my family physician for evaluation. I was prescribed naproxen (an anti-inflammatory used to reduce swelling and to treat pain) and a muscle relaxant. Neither of these remedies relieved my symptoms.

I made an appointment with Dr. Steve, and with the first treatment, my mood improved immediately. I once again had freedom of movement, which allowed my return to the fitness program I had been enjoying before my back issues. Also, being able to travel again has been wonderful!

Dr. Steve and Chiropractic will be my FIRST call if I should ever experience such a pain again!"

- Dana S.

LOOK! I'm petting a dog!

"I will try my best to pare my story down, but time is limited! For as long as I can remember, even in early childhood, I have suffered symptoms of allergies such as ear and respiratory infections and severe headaches. Finally, after two sinus surgeries, I was diagnosed with airborne allergies. I was allergic to our dog, which had slept under our bed and had to move outdoors, cats, dust, molds, you name it! My symptoms continued to worsen, and treatments were not successful. I tried allergy shots for over two years, but due to reactions to the shots, the serum had to be diluted to the weakest strength, and the shots made no difference. My migraine headaches were discovered to be triggered by allergies. I cannot even begin to estimate the cost of the tests, treatments, and medications.

I took prescription medications every day of my life and avoided homes that included pets and smokers (which leaves very few!) and never had windows open as long as any pollen was present.

Last winter I found out about Dr. Szatkowski's A/SERT treatments and decided I had nothing to lose by trying them. As a result, my life has changed dramatically! I am now able to visit my Aunt Sally, who has pets in her ranch home in Montana, and my sister -- cat and all! I can pet dogs and cats without fear of ending up in the hospital from an uncontrollable migraine! I had screens in our windows and had them open when we wanted to enjoy the breezes. I could ride in our car with the windows open, and enjoy events at friends' homes, despite cats and dogs. (I still don't choose to be exposed to smoke, but it is a choice!)

I can honestly say that the A/SERT treatments have drastically changed my life! How should I title this? How about this: "LOOK! I'm petting a dog!"

- K. Sininger

"Doc Steve: I want to thank you for relieving the numbing sensation in my right thigh. It has continuously bothered me for over 30 years. With the only hope for relief offered me by conventional medicine being surgery. Since my last adjustment from you, my right thigh has not been numb."

-Phillip N.


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There are many people in the medical profession that know how to apply the "methods" they have learned. But you can't teach someone to have the heart of a healer. It is a gift of God. Dr. Steve is one of the few that I know with that gift. I am privileged to be under his care.

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